Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun Dying

I had a wonderful time with my friends, Pam and Sandy on Saturday. We dyed wool and yarn. Pam had a bunch of natural yarn from KnitPicks, they have a great variety of natural yarns that are great for hand dying. She also had some sock yarn that she bought from some place over the pond. Sandy had her yarn from her own sheep and some socks that were knit from it. They are grey, so we overdyed it. Sorry I don't have a pic of that. She also had some roving that she dyed a variety of colors, that I wished I had.
I had some superwash merino. The first pic is dyed red, brown, black, blue and some orange. The red and the blue became dominante. The second pic is just a nice variety of colors that we had in some jars.

I can't wait till they dry and spin up a bit. It is always exciting to see what the colors combine into when the yarn is made. The yarn will make great mittens, hat, scarf. Merino is so soft and the superwash makes it not shrink when washed.

Pam gave us some of the sock yarn. We got to pick our favorite. Man it was hard to pick. The colors combinations all turned out so Beautiful. I know the socks will be wonderful.

The yarn on the left is fingering and will make great socks. The yarn on the right is more sport weight and may become socks or knit into some mittens.

It was so fun spending the day with these wonderful ladies. We plan more for the future. Maybe more dying, maybe some sewing, maybe some knitting, maybe some spinning, but definately great times with wonderful women.

I am also spinning some wool. I have about three pounds of it. So it is taking a while. Here it is in a basket.

Nice shade of purple with a little of blue in the mix. Here is some spun.

But here is what my basket  of yarn looks like now.

 That is Jack, and the left, black and white, and Zues, on the right, Tourtise and white. Zues loves Jack. He follows him around like a puppy. Always wants to sleep in the same space as him. It is funny.

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