Saturday, September 26, 2009

Past Weekend Activities

Last Weekend was my guild's Fall Fleece Sale. I belong to the Spinner's Flock Guild in Michigan. I spent all Saturday going through my inventory of items, updating my inventory sheet and adding new finished items and new yarns and rovings. I spent a lot of time cranking the drum carder blending some dyed wool into batts. I didn't think that I would be able to move my arm on Sunday.

Our guild will soon be 30 years old. I have only been an active member for about 4+ years. I joined and immediately volunteered to run the learners circle. My job was to shlep the spinning wheels and other equipment that the guild owns to each meeting. I stored them in my house. I also spent a lot of time teaching people to spin. I must have been really confident because I was just a beginning spinner my self. I am a teacher/instructor of computers by profession so the teaching part was easy. I also always felt that I was a spinner in a previous life and that is why I took to it so easily.

Here is some to the yarns that I had in the sale. Yes, that is all my hand spun yarn. I sell it for $6 per ounce.

I have started to dye wool that I buy as a raw fleece. I have it cleaned and processed in to roving by a commercial business. That process is a lot of work and I am more than willing to pay someone else to do all that work. I have a drum carder that I purchased a few years ago and have started to make blends of different colors and make them into batts. Here is a sampling of the ones that I have reciently had in the sale. This is $2 per ounce.

Three different color ways. I had to do a lot of cranking to get them prepared.

I also have some natural and kool-aide dyed samples that I have in the sale. The natural on the left are a variety of breeds. Merino, Corredale, Cotswold, Cormo, Shetland.

I dyed some superwash merino made braids, the ones on the right side are some of the ones that I dyed.

The guild has a Fleece Sale twice a year. In September and Feburary. Here are some other pictures of the sale. I am always impressed with the display of everything. There is raw fleece, a boutique of finished goods, yarns, rovings, felting wool, alpaca, angora, mohair, camel, llama, books, equipment, dyes, and other stuff that I can't remember.

Roving, Etc.

Roving, etc.


Raw Fleece

Boutique items, this picute is not good on purpose. I don't want to exploit any one's work.

The economy is really bad in Michigan. I did sell some stuff. So I am happy about that. This economy will improve soon and we will sell more soon.

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