Thursday, July 29, 2010

It started out small

I had some leftover pieces of a honey bun that I had made a quilt from this spring. I had been playing around with what to do with them and ended sewing them together, cutting up and sewing triangles. And ended up with 7 block. One that I tried to quilt with and make a potholder. That was finished last night and looks like this.

The other blocks look like these.

I started to make them also into potholders, but as I added the white sashing I got a different Idea. I added some more sashing and a border and ended up with this. I added another 4" border. I have, instead of 6 pot holders, a nice crib quilt. So what started out as left over strips ended up really cute.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pot Holders Completed

Used up the scraps from some hand bags that I am making. Switched up the backings, don't have pictures of all of them. I also put a pocket on the back to slide your hand to hold it. Like here on Oh Fransson's site.

I made two sets. Both gifts. These are going to James, a co-worker. The green one is smaller. When I was squareing it, I cut one side too short. Oh well, nothing says that have to be the same. I used a batik jelly roll strip for the binding for the gifts.

These are going to my sister-in-law, Bettina. I also had issues with the green one. I switch machines that I did the quilting on. This machine doesn't have a built in walking foot, like my Pfaff. So the fabric kept moving. So the results are wonky, which is OK.

Also had enough scraps remaing to make one for me. What a concept, make something for my self.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gifts for the Convalescing one...

My dear sister Kate, will be having surgery soon, and I thought I would send her a nice care package to enjoy during her Convalescing.

I made some lovely pillow cases to enjoy when she is sitting up in bed reading or watching tv.

A wonderful tote bag to carry items to and fro. I love this fabric. It is the Fruit Ladies, by Mary Stewart for Elizabeths Studio.

An apron, Pretty! So when she feels better she can put on the uniform to clean the house.

Really cool pot holders. I love them. Don't want to spill anything on these.

A book to enjoy, not too long, and about our ancestral Ireland and A Magazine to inspire many facets of her creativeness. Some seeds, Bells of Ireland, for her garden.

And Chocolate, can't have a Care Bag with out chocolate. Lindt truffels my favorite.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Productive weekend

I had a nice productive weekend. Friday I finished quilting and sewing 2 pillows. They are so great looking.  The first is from the Bento Box collection. I have 2 more to quilt yet and the second is from leftovers I had from another set of pillows that I have yet to quilt, I havn't posted about those yet.





Saturday I got back to the sewing room. I bought some georgeous pre-quilted fabric a while back. I made a nice tote bag. I added a pony tail holder loop and a three stacked buttons as a closure. It turned out great.

I took some fabric selveges and made some potholders. I started to save the selveges a few months back. This was very easy to make and I didn't want to stop. I kept pulling more strips out. I never really paid much attention to the words at the bottom, but they can be very inspiring when put with other words and also very funny. They are hanging up in my kitchen.

I also made a small purse. It has some credit card pockets inside. Turned out realy cute. I just have to sew down the binding.

I also started some more potholders that will be house warming gifts for some friends. I made them from leftovers of a purse that I am currently making. I sewed the strips together, cut the piece into 4, cut those up and sewed them back together alternating the pieces, cut them down to a square, which ended up being 7", that is the orange one. Then I took the leftovers and sewed those together, that is the purple one. I added the border to make them bigger. So I actually will end up with 5 potholders, 4 for gifts and 1 for me. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mom can you make me one?

Just the thing you want to here from your children.

"Mom, can you make me one of those bags?" From my 13yo.

"Of course I can, honey! "

When I was photographing the pictures of the snappy bags, in the previous post, I said that they would make a great bag to hold his Magic Cards. I guess he remembered it and thought is was a great idea.

I stopped at the fabric store on the way home from work last friday and pick out this fabric.

He liked it. But...

We were at Joann's the next day and he said, "can I pick out some fabric?"

I almost fell on the floor.

"Sure, what ever you want." I said trying to recover.

 And He picked out these fabrics. A Nice bold geometric and a tone on tone black.

The results are this great bag. I think that it turned out great. He is very pleased with it too! I managed to fussy cut the pattern to get the circles on either sides of the bag. I said that the red praire point would look good, it adds a nice contrast.

He was very pleased and it holds almost all of his decks for his Magic Cards.