Friday, July 9, 2010

Mom can you make me one?

Just the thing you want to here from your children.

"Mom, can you make me one of those bags?" From my 13yo.

"Of course I can, honey! "

When I was photographing the pictures of the snappy bags, in the previous post, I said that they would make a great bag to hold his Magic Cards. I guess he remembered it and thought is was a great idea.

I stopped at the fabric store on the way home from work last friday and pick out this fabric.

He liked it. But...

We were at Joann's the next day and he said, "can I pick out some fabric?"

I almost fell on the floor.

"Sure, what ever you want." I said trying to recover.

 And He picked out these fabrics. A Nice bold geometric and a tone on tone black.

The results are this great bag. I think that it turned out great. He is very pleased with it too! I managed to fussy cut the pattern to get the circles on either sides of the bag. I said that the red praire point would look good, it adds a nice contrast.

He was very pleased and it holds almost all of his decks for his Magic Cards.

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  1. Oh what fun, how satisfying that is. I remember when Sarah wanted my handwoven dishtowels, it felt so gratifying.