Monday, July 19, 2010

Productive weekend

I had a nice productive weekend. Friday I finished quilting and sewing 2 pillows. They are so great looking.  The first is from the Bento Box collection. I have 2 more to quilt yet and the second is from leftovers I had from another set of pillows that I have yet to quilt, I havn't posted about those yet.





Saturday I got back to the sewing room. I bought some georgeous pre-quilted fabric a while back. I made a nice tote bag. I added a pony tail holder loop and a three stacked buttons as a closure. It turned out great.

I took some fabric selveges and made some potholders. I started to save the selveges a few months back. This was very easy to make and I didn't want to stop. I kept pulling more strips out. I never really paid much attention to the words at the bottom, but they can be very inspiring when put with other words and also very funny. They are hanging up in my kitchen.

I also made a small purse. It has some credit card pockets inside. Turned out realy cute. I just have to sew down the binding.

I also started some more potholders that will be house warming gifts for some friends. I made them from leftovers of a purse that I am currently making. I sewed the strips together, cut the piece into 4, cut those up and sewed them back together alternating the pieces, cut them down to a square, which ended up being 7", that is the orange one. Then I took the leftovers and sewed those together, that is the purple one. I added the border to make them bigger. So I actually will end up with 5 potholders, 4 for gifts and 1 for me. 

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  1. Wow you really did have a productive weekend... great job on all of it.