Monday, June 14, 2010

They are done - Finally

I have been away for awhile. I have been lurking but not posting. Life just got very hectic. I did make some more bags like those in the last post, and I have more to make. I have been busy in the gargen, so much rain, the weeds are growing like weeds. Finally I have the last plants ready to go into the new 8x8 raised bed that Casey and I made yesterday. It will house the beans, peas and onions. I don't know if they should be planted together but that is the way things are going the year.

A while ago, I signed up for a pot holder exchange on Malka Dubrawsky's web site. I was paired up with Kelly from Nebraska. We had a few weeks to get them completed. That was about the time the life got really busy, work got busy, and it rained a lot. So I only completed mine this morning. Kelly sent hers out on time and I had the pleasure of enjoy looking at them. I made sure that they didn't get used until I got hers completed.

Here are the lovely potholder and pan holder that Kelly made. She did such fine work. She also sent a recipe.

Here is what I sent Kelly. The potholders are good, but the quilting was my first. Thankfully, there will be cherry pie juice and baked bean sauce on them soon. I felt so bad about getting them to her so late that I made a Snappy bag from the same fabric and sent that along.

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  1. Those pot holders are wonderful I am sure Kelly will be happy with the results.