Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year wishes

It is time for the new year. Time for new beginnings. Time to wash away the past and begin anew. 2010 was a very stressful year. I am tired. I can't tell you how tired I am. After rushing around on Christmas Eve trying to get those last minute items completed and running into too many obsticles, I just sort of gave in. Oh well! I said I guess that is not going to happen this year. At that time my word for the new year came to me.


Yes. That is my word for the new year. Relax.

For quite a while, to many years really, I have felt rushed. Always playing catch-up. Over extending myself, over committing, eyes too big for the stomach, the whole 9 yards of that.  Even driving, I time travel to the latest minute, I try to sleep in to the last minute and then find that I am rushed to get where ever.

So, for 2011, I will relax. I could elaborate on all this with what I will or will not do to allow me to relax, but I think that that is all I will say. I will relax.

I looked back on my word for last year. Sensation. I will say I lived my year with many sensations. So this new year I hope to learn to relax.

My wonderful sister sent me Jamie Ridlers' Wishcrasting Journal for a Christmas gift. It is so appropriate for how I feel. I need to make life go right for me. I am tired of things going wrong. Maybe right and wrong are not the best words, maybe positive instead of negative would be better. I know that we all have what we can handle, but I would like to handle positive stuff. I have proved that I can handle the negative stuff. I want to be that person who people say, 'Wow! what a break for her, she deserves it after all that she has been through! Good for her!'

So the Wishcasting Journal is a way of asking for what I want to happen. It is just a variation on praying. Asking Spirit to help. Asking the universe for help. Self fulfilling prophacy.

2011 will be a great year.

My wish is that you have a great relaxing 2011 also.

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  1. Peggy,

    Waht a great word you chose and I am so glad you like the journal. I am have not decided what my word will be yet, something to do with Wellness. I am also ready to hear about a year of wonderful positive things for you. Lets relax and have a virtual cup of tea....