Monday, November 1, 2010

Ok, so I had to do it again!

I had to do some more screen print. Since I only have the one thermofax screen it is the same, just a different color way.

Again I used a piece of fabric that I over dyed. You can see the original design in the picture below. It was cream base with a leaf pattern. This light aqua dye didn't cover the leaves as much as the other one. I let the screen go off the edge on to the cover fabric on the board that I use.

I used the flower screen and the 5 colors of paint. I let the paint dry between colors. It looks like the other piece from yesterday. I wash the screen after eash color. This time I was a little rough with it and ruined it after the last washing. So No more printing with this screen. I probably will buy it again. I have some ideas that I want to used on. I am really happy with both, this and the one from yesterday. I probably will make a bag or some sort. I think that the fabric will still look good when it is cut up.

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