Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well Rested

I guess I have really taken a lot of time of from this blog. I have been creative though. I has been snowy and cold this winter, so I guess that I really was hybernating. Gained 10 lbs. So I am happy that Spring it on its way.

So Here is some of the work that I have been doing.

I knit another had during a wresting match, but don't have a picture. I donated two of them to the raffle at the team banquet. So people bought tickets and won them, the teamed raised money for next year.

I finished the sweater that I wrote about earlier. What a lovely picture of me.

 It felt really great to finish stuff. This spurred me on to knit more.

 Kate sent me some lovely roving as a Christmas gift. I spun it up and knitted these fingerless gloves.

 This Entralac Headband

 And am working on this final one, a scarf with a lace pattern. This is still in process. I have to pay attention to the pattern becuse of the lace. But they all have turned out really nice and soft.

 I went through my hand spun yarns and found some single skeins. So I made some hats and scaves.

An Ear flap hat.

Hat and scarf set in a basket weave pattern.

An Entralac scarf and matching headband. I like the entralac pattern and love to knit the headband.

Now I am making mittens. These are from Natural wool. Grey, White and Brown.

This mitten has a braid down the back. Its mate is still being knitted.

These hats were made from one skein of commercial yarn.

 This is a head band, I need to add a button at the point, them you wrap it aound you head and button it at the base of neck.

I have several other projects planned with my handspun. People always ask 'Who are you making that for'. We know the answer. Whomever. Maybe I will keep it, maybe I will give it as a present, Maybe I will sell it. It is the process that I enjoy. The product is just Extra.

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