Monday, January 25, 2010

Napkins and Pillow Cases

My Sensation lately has been tactile. I am working on finishing projects and using the abundance from my Fabric stash.


A few weeks ago I was at Pam’s and we were trying to get my serger to work so I could make some napkins with a rolled hem. Well, we proceeded to break the serger, at least it wouldn’t work. So we ended up using hers. Well, I went home and got my other serger, a Singer, and tried to get that to work, well I proceeded to make that one not work also. I took the Singer in to get fixed and ask for an hour lesson. Time went by. I picked it up on Friday and spent the day bonding with my serger. I got the rolled hem to work with regular thread and with a wooly nylon. I then went to get fabric from my stash. I had some fat quarters that I had bought along with a Laurel Birch panel with a Christmas theme. Some of the FQ’s were not cut straight and had to make all the napkins 17” square. I cut 18 pieces. I know I went overboard. I tend to do that. So I spent the evening making napkins. My corners are not great, so when you come to dinner don't comment on the corners of the napkins. Just complement me on what a great job I did! I just need to make the panel into a table topper and I have a nice gift for myself or someone else.

Topper with 8 napkins. Well, no table topper yet - I have to work on that yet.

Four Matching napkins.

Four more matching napkins.

And 2 others.

Saturday, I bought a remnant for $10, 2 2/3 yards. I will easily make 8 20” napkins. I know I go over board.

Pillow Cases

When my kids were little, I would make them a pillow case for the different holidays. So we have Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentines. We love Cats, so we have many with cats on them. They are so easy to make. I am using up my stash and making some more pillow cases. Now that I have the serger working they were a snap to make. I sewed these up last night and finished them today. I had already had them cut out so that makes the sewing process a sinch. Just plan items that can use the same thread and get sewing. Half the battle in any project is getting the tools, equipment and materials ready for the job. Line up several items and do all the sewing to a stage, iron all pieces, then sew the next stage, iron more, sew more, and soon you will have many items finished. Yea!

This time for these are for me. The two on the left are from my stash. But, I have added to my stash, the ones on the right I bought as kits. The fabrics are so cute.

Also, I am making a quilt for a young one and had remaining fabric so I made pillow cases to match.

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