Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year New Begining

Well, I am like many people this time of year. Setting those resolutions and hoping to remember them 6 months from now. So, I really don't plan to make a resolution this year, per say. I just vow to live my life to the fullest and strive to make myself happy.

I picked my new word for 2010.


• Physical feeling - a physical feeling caused by having one or more of the sense organs stimulated

• power to perceive - the capacity to receive impressions through the sense organs

• mental impression - a vague or general feeling, especially one not attributable to an obvious cause

I want to feel life this year. So let my senses be stimulated!

We have 6 senses, I am sure that I can keep my self busy and happy getting them all stimulated.
  • Taste - I love to cook, so good food will abound. Tastes of all kinds.
  • Touch - I am very tactile. But I want to also be touched emotionally and touch emotionally - not just physical.
  • Sight - I am a very visual person. I visualize what I want and then try to make it happen.
  • Hear - I am a good listener. I hear beyond what is spoken, to what is unspoken. That involves other senses.
  • Smell - I have the nose. Very sensitive to smells.
  • Spiritual - I want to awaken my spiritual sense. Be aware. Ask. Receive with appreciation.
So, Last night I wove a project started a long time ago, maybe a year? It is a rug. My neighbor Gabriella, gave me some wool roving from her Corridale sheep. She didn't like/want it? So I had made myself a rug with the roving. And I put another warp on and vowed to make her one also. So here it is on the loom. Just plain weave.

That is just the header and some plain weave rug yarn at the beginning. Here is the finished rug. It is 24 inches wide by 42 inches long.

A Close up. Just thick roving and rug yarn.

It turned out nice. I plan on taking it over to her today. So I have started the year off good. Had many senses stimulated working this first day.

Sight - It looks great. Edges are good, thickness of roving is pretty consistend throughout.
Smell - It smells like wool - Earthy and substantial.
Hearing - The sound of the loom, shed up, shed down, wool being pulled though the shed.
Taste - I was having a cup-a when I was weaving it. Brought back visions of my mother and sister Kate.
Touch - Rug felt darn good to get it done. It felt great to weave. It feels wonderful under my feet.
Spiritual - I will feel really good when I give this to Gabriella. I feel good that I made something for someone that gave me something with no expectations and will I receive a wonderful gift when she sees the rug.

So here's to a good year full of sensations!


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