Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time to Knit

I have had time to knit reciently. I have been trying to use up some of the one ball wonders that I have. Sometimes when I spin yarn it only results in 1 ball, 200 yards or less. I have not had success getting those one skein/balls sold at the guild sales. So I have decided to knit some hats and scarves. I knit at lunch at work, at home in the evening, and during my sons wrestling games. I knit one of the entire Noro hats below at one of his meets.

These are from balls of Noro. Really easy pattern can be found here.

This hat is from some handspun Merino. The Pattern is "The Republic" by Nicole Reeves. Here is her blog. It has a band at the bottom that overlaps and you sew on a button. I am knitting a scarf like the one below to match.

The scarf is some hand dyed and hand spun Blue Faced Border Leicester. Wonder wool to spin. The scarf looks really complicated because of the multi-colored yarn, but it is just an Ann Norling pattern #69. I knit is 20 stitches to get the width and knitted until I ran out of yarn. It is 3" wide by 62" long.

Last night I got several projects to the portable stages. Two more one ball hats. I knit till I can put the stitches on a circular needle. Then it is portable. All I have to do is knit till I run out of yarn and It is done. I also started another scarf like above, that will use two balls of Noro Kuregon. Lunch time at work and another wrestling match this week. I should get more projects completed.

My goal is to reduce my stash. Not that I don't want more wonderful yarn. I have a couple of fleeces in the garage waiting to be taken for processing and plenty of yarn waiting to be knitted. I just don't want to be the one with the most yarn at the end. I would rather be the one who made stuff out of their stash at the end. I guess it boils down to changing my ways. I need to get the satisfaction from completing a project not from buying stuff make projects. The time and place of the satisfaction needs to change.

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