Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another fun day with my girl Friends

We had another fun day together. And very productive. We met at my house and started with Show and Tell. Pam had several purses and some of the box bags we were going to make today. She had perfected the pattern and eliminated the center seam. So we are going to follow that today. She also had made another apron. See picture below.

Sandy had a wonderful show n Tell from the Black sheep Weavers Guild meeting that she went to. It was crayon batik fabric. So cool. We are going to have a day where we get to have Sandy teach us how to make the cool fabric. Sandy brought Shannon's apron that she finished from our past gathering. Here are Sandy and Pam modeling the new aprons. Pam's apron has chef's on it, Bon Appetite. Soo cute. Shannon's has these cute buttons that are centered on the front. The back has this cute heart fabric.

I showed all the knitting I have been doing. Posted on the blog already. We proceeded to get sewing. Pam did a quick test of the new version of the pattern and then we all got cutting and Sewing, with Pam giving us the step by step process. We all finished one of the box bags, link for the original pattern found on provious posting. We added a handle and a praire point on the ends of the bag to allow for gripping the bag to pull the zipper open and closed. In the photo below, Pam's bags are on the left, Sandy's on the right in the back and mine is on the right in the front. They are so simple and quick and Cute!

Pam brought some prepared fabric and supplies for making the snappy bags. So Sandy and I picked out fabric from Pam's collection. We chose the same fabrics for the main body but different for the accent. Pam again gave us the blow by blow steps to complete the bags.

I love this button fabric. I chose the green accent and Sandy chose the red.

I just love this fabric. Sandy chose the dark pink on the right and I chose the lighter pink on the left.

We had lunch. I made a quiche, Sandy brought a salda and I made a rustic peach pie thing. It was very good. Here are the left overs.

I had the leftovers for dinner. Yum!

We then went to the laundry room and dyed wool. I had some sock yarn that I needed to make black. Sandy brought some of her socks, yarn and roving. So We dyed and Dyed and Dyed. Here are the socks. They were grey and now they are cool colors. She gave me and Pam a pair. Ohh Yea!

We over dyed some grey yarn. She had several weights. Fingering, Two ply and Three ply. They overdyed pretty cool.

Then it was on to the roving. The colors turned out really nice. I wish I had some of each of the color ways that were dyed.


And finally

Such wonderful color.

We had a great time and got a lot of great thing completed.
After they left I went down stairs and made one more of each bag from the same fabric.

I am sure that I will be making more soon.

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