Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold Achieved

There she is in the completed hat. The i-cord is on and the ends are tucked and cut. I had to knit one side of the i-cord twice. I ended up going to close to the opening ceremony.

Above that is me knitting at my friend Peggy's house. It was a birthday dinner for her son Seth. I am working on the i-cord edging during the Canada vs USA Hockey Game. I had made the tassels earlier and attached them at the appropriate places.

I must have knitted the wrong way or something because I had to do some fancy stitching to get the i-cord to work out.

But I have been wearing the had since the opening ceremonies started. It needs to be washed and blocked. 

 But I have achieved the gold and it feels really great.

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  1. Your hat is awesome! Wow I hadn't realized you were doing so much with your blog. I am impressed.