Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Clothes

With my new skills with discharge and paint sticks I took some old clothes and made them new.

First a Jean Skirt. First I have lost 30 lbs, so I fit into it again. Actually it is too big. What a problem to have huh! I have several stencils and used a nice large one on the front and then a small one in the lower left corner. I also put one on the bottom in the back by the slit. I put the stencil on the skirt and used a foam roller that I rolled in to Comet Gel with bleach. It is nice and thick. I rolled it over the stencil making sure I got all the parts and then let it sit for 10 minutes or so. I did the same with the others.

Then I tried a Jacket that was part of a summer dress outfit. The Jacket fits really nice now. So I did some discharge with stamps. I also used a variety of items, stamps and rubbing plates with the Shiva Paint Sticks.


It turned out really nice. Both items were great to wear and show off stuff that I have made.

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