Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enjoying a Business Trip

Here is the quilt top that I was able to get sewn while I was on a business trip to Dayton Ohio. Yea, you see the mistake right away. I didn't, obviously. The last row on the right is on the wrong side of the quilt. When I left the work site, I drove to Joann Fabrics and bought some black fabric among other things. I got back to the hotel room and immediately got the sewing machine set up to sew. I had pinned all the pieces together so all I had to do was sew them. That went fine. I then cut the black fabric and sewed it to the first strip of blocks. Adding the other stip of blocks resulted in things not matching. So, I needed to pin and match block seams across the black saching strip. That worked out great. I ripped out the seam that was a mess and fixed it. I layed it out on the bed to admire my work and was very happy. I folded it up and put all the sewing stuff away, it was late 10:00 and I need to get to bed. I layed out the quilt top for one last look at almost fell on the floor. I never saw the mistake. I apparently had flipped the piece and sewed it to the wrong side. I almost took out the sewing machine to fix it, but tomorrow is another day and I did get it done, even though there was a mistake. So here is the correction. It is 34" x 47".

I went back to the fabric store that I bought the fat quarters to get some matching fabric for a sashing/backing/binding. It is just 5 fat quarters cut into 5" charms. Really easy. But she didn't have any more of the fabric. Bummer. Now I have to go find something that will look good with it. I may dye the backing - I would like to try that.

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