Sunday, April 4, 2010

My first Completed Quilt

YEA! I can't tell you how excited I am to have a finished quilt. I was excited when I got the top pieced and it looked great. I felt good in my hands. All those pieces of fabric cut and sewn to create something different then their origin. Then I was very excited to take it to Sheryl to have her quilt it. I was extermely excited to get it home and have the piece quilted. The feel of the three layers was magical. It felt totally different than just the top. The eyes and hands work together to say, not quite done yet, like taking a cake out of the oven. The cake tester didn't come out clean.

Sheryl did such a nice job. But, OMG, I am, I don't know an adjecitive to describe it, excited. I trimed the quilt the other night. Last night I cut and sewed the binding on the quilt. I sat and watched TV and hand sewed the binding. Seeing the truly completed quilt is magical.  **  I made that.  **  Even though I didn't quilt it, I don't feel that takes anything away from my accomplishments. I made it.

Now, it is finished. Wow. It is going off to my new step grand baby, Liam Robert, who is a 4 weeks old today.

Sheryl and I chose a quilting pattern that is so cute on this quilt. There are so many to choose from. She used a multi colored thread that worked so well with the fabric. It is a jelly roll that I bought at Walmart. I had never bought one, and new to quilting, didn't want to spend a lot of money. So Walmart prices worked well for me. The weave of the fabric is thin. But the final results are great. I have a bunch left and will probably make some matching something, like a pillow or two.

Sheryl quilted 2 baby quilts for me. I will post the other when I get the binding completed. Do you believe that I don't have any fabric that I could use for the binding. Imagine that!

I learned a lot making it and have been inspired to make more. I was intimidated in the past with the complexity of quilts. But have much more confidence in my skills now. I have become motivated to make more. The feel of the finished quilt in my hands is magical. I want more. I want more. The challenge of different patterns. I see one that I like and say I have some fabric that could use that pattern. I already have 6 other tops that I have completed. I need to get batting for them and then off to Sheryl for quilting. I have several more planned and a couple in progress. I don't know if a monster has been unleashed or a productive goddess. I like the latter.


  1. Peg this is gorgeous. Is Liam Jennifer's son? This is a natural craft for you I am sure you'll be great at it.

  2. I thought I had commented but I guess I hadn't. The quilt is really nice. You've come along way since that class so many years ago. Great JOb

  3. This is your FIRST quilt? I knocks my socks off! I LOVE the colors!