Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twist on a Zig Zag

One of my goals is to make my stash smaller. I know that I will never not have one, but I just need to have less. This is one of the reasons that I wanted to start quilting. I used to make my own clothes. But then I got fat and nothing I made fit and I didn't want to learn to fit to the fat. So I stopped making clothes. I did make a lot of vests for a while, and I think that is one of the reasons I have so much fabric.

Looking through my stash, I found some teal/green/blue 1/8 yard cuts, that apparently I bought together. I got the idea for the zig zag quilt from Amanda Jean's site, Crazy Mom Quilts. I wanted to use these fabrics and go from light to dark. So I started preparing the fabric. It took a couple of weeks to get everything ironed and cut into 3" strips. Then I bought a light yellow batik to go with them. I started sewing the strips together and then ran out of the yellow. Off to the fabric store, oh darn! A couple more days went by and finally I got everything cut and sewed.

There are 18 different fabrics. I was able to get 12 cuts from each fabric. With some pieces I got more cuts, I will use them for something else. But the fabric colors blended so well together.

My original thought was to make each row the same color, with the yellow inbetween each color. But, then I slept on it and came up with a better idea. I like the fabrics because they blended so well together, so why not put one piece of each color in a row. I will get the blending on each row.

The green is on the left and the blue on the right with the lighter blending of the two in the middle. It looks really cool. Just the effect I wanted.

I pinned each row together and have each row piled on top of the previous and am in the middle of sewing them together.

Jamie, my son, asked me, "Who are you making all these quilts for?" I responded, "well the little ones will be for babies and grand neices and nehphew, but this one is up for grabs. You could have it." He resonded with, OK, but let's see what it looks like finished." It does look pretty cool!


  1. I'm not sure stash ever gets smaller. I keep thinking my yarn has learned how to reproduce by itself!

    Having said that, this is a gorgeous way to work it down! And now I must go look at the colorful quilt in the photo below!

    (Aren't you enjoying our Michigan spring?)

  2. I LOVE the colours and pattern! :)

  3. Found you from sister Kate's blog. I really like the quilt you have cut out and ready to stitch...all the blues are lovely. The quilt with the green lining...I love! I'll be back to check out your finished quilt.