Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh! So Exciting....

Saturday, I went over Pam's and we dyed some fabric. Wonderful colors. Nice soft shades of blue. Bottom one is Turquoise.

We stamped on one piece. I came home and added some rubbings with Shiva Sticks to a piece that I sponge dyed. Here is a piece of it. The stamp paint was black, gold, bronze and green. I used gold, bronze and black Shiva Sticks.

I'm making it into a pillow. Here is the top, I haven't quilted it yet.

I also used a stencil on a piece and rubbed it with the Shiva Sticks and made a pillow from it. I just quilted around the edges of the stencil. The center one I quilted around the edges of the stencil parts. So cool.


Back quilted with a nice batik.

Sunday night I used the dyes that I have and some Kona White cotton and dyed some 1/2 yard pieces. The dyes are straight colors, no mixing to make the color. Here are the results.

Laipis, Golden Brown, Jade Green, Periwinkle, New Emerald Green, Soft orange, Orchid and Rose Red.

Monday night I went to the Brighton Modern Quilt Guild meeting and Kathy had some reciently dyed fabric. She is great. She wrote this wonderful book. She had 8 or 10 pieces of fabric that were dyed in the same dye bucket. She explained the process. So tonight I tried it with the dyes that I have. I used the same dyes as I did on the pieces above. I mixed up 1/2 tsp dye in 1 cup water with 1 1/2 tsp soda ash. I put one piece of fabric in a bucket and poured the rose red dye over the fabric. I added another piece and added the next dye. I did this for 8 pieces of fabric. I don't remember the order of the dyes. The results are Wonderful. I let them sit for 2 hours, then rinsed the fabric, washed and dryed and WOW!!! Each piece is amazing. They all have such a variety of color combinations it is amazing. I can't wait to try it with some other colors.

 I will try more and change the order of the dyes. I am sure the results will be different and just as wonderful.


  1. Wowzer what a post of luscious goodness. The fabrics you have died are just fantastic. Plus the stenciled and the paintstick ones are great. I love the green pillow you did.

    The one thing I am noticing is that you are consistently doing things and making projects and finishing them. Now how inspiring is that. It is making me want to sew again. Great job sis. Your house must now be just adorned with some beautiful pieces.

  2. yum! I love the "parfait" method of layering your dyes (that is what Ann Johnston calls it).
    Always a lovely surprise.