Saturday, August 21, 2010

Orange Dreams

I started with the idea of a new quilt from here. One of Oh Fransson's quilts. I had some orange strips and I thought they would be fabulous. Orange is my new favorite color. So I got nine colors, and sewed them together into strips and cut them into blocks of three.

Then layed them out into 9 patch blocks. Great.

But I only had 12 blocks, only 6 are above.  

So I went back to the quilt store to buy some more 'scraps' to make more blocks. I had some scraps but not enough. So I bought 6 more fabrics, only 1/4 yard. I used majority of the fabric so not so many scraps left.

More 3 patch, layed out into 9 patch blocks. I know have plenty. The second set of strips were longer so I have many more blocks then I needed.The extra will become something else...

I found that even those little pieces that I would have normally thrown away, I sew back together and make yet another potholder.

After adding the additional new 'scrap' blocks, I had some more left overs and made a couple more potholders. I have shown these before here.

I just need to sew the 3 patch into 9 patch and pair it up with a plain block and we will have a quilt top.

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  1. Oh I love this, all the fabrics put together are fantastic. I love the work you have been anted to tell you that Sarah is really impressed at your sewing ability. She is now measuring everything against the standard you've set. You should be proud. You really do good work.