Friday, August 6, 2010

Quilt ready for binding

I sent 8 tops to the quilter to be quilted a couple months ago. And I got 6 back on last Saturday.

I am so happy to get them back. I let the quilter decide what design to put on them. I am disappointed with only one. Also, the bobbin tension was off on her machine and the backs of the quilts really show it, so I am not happy with that. She still has 2 to do, and is waiting to get the problem fixed before she does those, which I am greatful for.

Here is the binding, going on the first top that I pieced.

I have completed the hand sewing and the final products looks like this.

The fabric was a jelly roll that I bought at Joann's over the December Holiday's last year. It was the first one that I had pieces. I remember staying up late and saying, Just one more seam, Just one more block, until I said heck I will just finish it. The quilting is nice also. Swirls.

I added a strip of the binding as part of the backing, just to be more modern.

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