Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dying Assignment

Our assignment was to make mountain colors, grass and greenery, rocks and landscape colors. So my results are the below.

I made grey, blue, green and brown. Each piece of fabric has two dyes on them, a light and a dark variation of the color. So each piece has a wide variation in the color intensity. And there is also the mottling effect of dying in the cups. I then added black to 3 of the color for darker variations. So the fabric colors are as follows. This picture is turned so the order is

  • brown with black

  • brown

  • green with black

  • green

  • blue with black

  • blue

  • gray

These are the dye colors that were used. You know that yellow and blue make green. Well the amount of yellow and the amount of blue determine what shade of green you end up with. Brown is made or red, yellow and blue. The red didn't dissolve very well and so there are specks of red all over the brown pieced. So since the red didn't dissolve then there was just the yellow and blue to dye the fabric so it has a green tinge.

Then I did some stuff on my own. These are the dyes that I used for some over dying. I took a piece of cotton that had a light green background and some green leaves printed on it. I used the following colors on some  1/2 yard pieces.

  • Pale Aqua

  • Raspberry

  • Warm black

  • Forest Green

  • Navy

  • Burgundy

  • Brilliant orange

  • Lilac
I didn't keep a piece of the original, but it looks a lot like the pale aqua piece. The leaves only are visible in a couple of the lighter dyes. Pale Aqua, Brilliant Orange, Burgundy and Lilac.

Here you can still see the original pattern of the leaves. You can see them in the aqua piece in the first picture and in the last fabric in the second picture.

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