Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ok, I am having just too much fun...

I started last night with this fabric below.

I added some rubbings with Shiva Sticks on some rubber stamps and rubbing plates.

This morning I added some more stamping but I used a Comet gel as a discharge.  The large leafy cross in the pictures are the discharge. I also used a scrub brush and dipped it in the comet gel and then stamped it onto the fabric moving it slightly to make an impression.

I took another piece and rolled the gel onto a variety of leaf stamps. You have to time the discharge for how long to leave it on the fabric. It is rinsed well and soaked in a water and anti clorine solution for a while.

Next, I went into the garage to get something from the fridge and saw some noodles for the water so I cut off a couple of pieces a couple of inches long and used them as stamps for the following piece. I did an overall pattern on the 1/2 yard. Below is the piece of noodle and the fabric before I washed it.

Here is the piece after I washed and dryed it. Oh, so cool.

Then I took a plastic grid that I bought at the dollar store today and made another overall pattern with the discharge gel. I laid the grid on and used a roller to get the gel into the grid and on the fabric. It took a while to get the entire 1/2 yard covered, I ended up washing the bottom while the top was still working on the fabric. This really looks great.

With each piece of fabric the I took from my stash I had fun dedicing what to do with it. I hope to add more stuff to some pieces. The following looked like the it needed some fish swimming, so I found some fish stamps and used some paint and a brayer to get the paint on the stamp.

It is hard to see the fish . So I will add more stamps or rubbings later.

Next piece I used a Clorox Bleach pen and just did some squiggles. Timing was critical here also. The first part gets too bleached while the last part still needs work.

Some more with the bleach pen on a blue piece.

I ran out of bleach pen so I put the Clorox gel into a squeeze bottle and did some more squiggles.

The work area is so great. I have everything there at hand. Except when I have to run down stairs to get some other stamps or more fabric. But then I get some exercise too!

I went to the dollar store and bought some items to used as stamps or rubbings, You learn to look at items differently when you want to used them on the fabric. I bought a neat cutting board that has a little handle and lip that I have been using as a palatte for the discharge gel. I also used a piece of glass to pour the paint on when I used the brayer. The grid that I used above is some sort of mat.

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