Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ready to Paint and Dye

I finally am ready to do the assignments for my Screen painting class. And I have the laundry room ready for the Dying class that starts tomorrow. I took the day off today and spend the morning and half the afternoon cleaning the laundry room and getting things organized.

I washed my screen on Monday night. It had to dry so I had to wait to tape it. Taped it on Tuesday night. It had to cure to use so I had to wait another day.

Last night I was too tired to do anything. I have today and tomorrow off work, so I have a nice 5 day weekend. I slept in today, Wonderful. Cleaned and Organized. Now I am ready to work. But I need a rest.

While I was cleaning up I had some leftover dye that I needed to use. I dyed some cotton Yarn. It is hanging in the window over the laundry tub in the picture above. Here it is rinsed and dryed. I put it into a mesh bag and into the washer with the fabric that I dyed. Then into the dryer. It is a bit tangled, but not bad. So it is preshrunk!

There was still a little dye left, so I thru in a fat quarter into the two remaining jars. They are on the countertop in the above picture. Turned out really nice. They just worked away while I was cleaning.

A nice avacado with bits or a rusty brown.

A nice teal with some white spots.

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  1. Your dye area looks great, Oh you are going to have so much fun. I wish I coud be there with you to play....