Friday, September 3, 2010

First Attempts

I spent a little time screen printing tonight. Our assignment were to cut a screen from newsprint and make some samples. The star bursts are in yellow paint on the above and below samples.

Then we were to cut screen from freezer paper and make some samples. Well my samples are from stencils that I made with the Cricut.

In the above picture is the cutout in blue is leaning against the wall, this is what the Cricut produced. What was cut out is in blue in front of the orange piece. I took the circles that were cut out and put some tape on the back and repositioned them on the screen, I didn't do it exactly as the cut out.

I put the cut out in between the two samples above. I printed on some of my dyed fabric.

I cut another stencil with the Cricut and used the Yudu screen that I bought. The screen is bigger and more open.

I lifted the screen up them laid it down again, it didn't go into the exact same spot, so the bottom row there is an over print. Here is the stencils from the Cricut. I used 12x12 paper which made it nice to tape to the Yudu screen. I may be able to use them again.

Once the samples dry I will add some more stuff, either dye the white ones or stencil again, or something. I kept trying to get full coverage with the paint, I think that I will try just a light or partial coverage of paint to see that effect.

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  1. It looks like you got some good results already....