Monday, September 13, 2010

I have sheep!!!!

Three Sheep. Yes - 3. Pam and I went in half's on them. The two white are females and the brown is a male. The former owner wanted to thin her flock. The females were $100 each and the Ram was $90. They are 1 year old. The brown and the white on the right are all Blue Face Leicester. The female on the left is 1/4 Wensleydale and 3/4 Blue Face Leicester.

We will be keeping them at Sandy's house with her sheep. The brown is a ram. Sandy will be able to mate them with her Cheviot and get a nice fleece. Long and lustrous.

This is the Wensleydale Blue Face mix.

This is Sofia, the Blue Face Leicester.

This is Barac, the Ram.

We be able to sheer them before the winter to get this years fleece. We will also be able to let them have babies in the spring.

We also got some chickens. I don't remember the variety. But there are 8. They will start laying eggs in the Spring.

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  1. Sheep oh that is fantastic.... I love blue faced, I think we need to trade some fleeces....